HKE Society's Dr. Maalakaraddy Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Kalaburagi

Affiliated to
Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences,
Karnataka, Bengaluru

Recognized by
Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi



Designation CCH
for 50 Beds
as per
Avalible Staff in Hospital Name Qualification & whether it is included in second schedule of
HCC Act, 1973 (or Under IMC Act,1956
Designation Full Time or
Guest faculty
1 Medical Supdt 1 1 Dr.P.Sampathrao MD (Hom) Principal Full Time
2 Sr.Medical Officer 1 1 Dr.Sarika Tiwari MD (Hom) Medical Officer Full Time
3 Medical Officer 2 3 Dr.Thasneem D BHMS Medical Officer Full Time
        Dr.Sidaling M Patil MD (Hom) Medical Officer Full Time
        Dr.Vinod Pawar BHMS Medical Officer Full Time
4 Resident Medical Officer 2 2 Dr.Vibhu S MD (Hom) RMO Full Time
        Dr.Chinamma B BHMS RMO Full Time
5 Surgeon (Gen Surgery) 1 1 Dr.Padmaja V K MD (Hom) Professor Full Time
6 Anesthetist 1 1 Dr.Mohammad Y MD(Anesth)   On Call
7 Obstetrican/Gynaecologist 1 1 Dr.Renuka Patil MD (Hom) Professor Full Time
8 Radiologist 1 1 Dr Shrui Patil MD (Radio)   On Call
9 Pathologist/Biochemist 1 1 Dr.Satish Angadi MD (Hom) Professor Full Time
10 House Physician (Resident) 5 5 Dr Dara K Deepthi BHMS (MD Hom) PG Full Time
        Dr.Aedula Akhila BHMS (MD Hom) PG Full Time
        Dr.Hanamatul Bushra BHMS (MD Hom) PG Full Time
        Dr.Jyothi BHMS (MD Hom) PG Full Time
        Dr.Suman G BHMS (MD Hom) PG Full Time
11 Dispenser 2 2 Sri Gururaj M PUC SDA-Cum-Comp.Optr Full Time
        Sri Hanmanthrao K SSLC Attender Full Time
12 Laboratory Technician 1 1 Sri Shivanand SS DMLT Lab Tech Full Time
13 X-ray tech/Radiographer 1 1 Sri Satish Yadbole X-Ray course X -Ray Tech Full Time
14 Dresser 1 1 Sri Veerana G T SSLC Attender Full Time
15 X-ray attendant 1 1 Smt Manjula Xth Peon Full Time
16 Nursing staff Incharge 1 1 Sri Prabhakar K GNM Staff Nurse Full Time
17 NursingStaff 7 7 Smt Prema GNM Staff Nurse Full Time
        Mr.Santosh K B.SC Nursing Asst. Full Time
        Smt Jagadevi PUC Nursing Asst. Full Time
        Kum Narmada PUC Nursing Asst. Full Time
        Kum Divyashree BA Nursing Asst. Full Time
        Kum.Shwetha B.A. Nursing Asst. Full Time
        Kum.Sangeeta B A Nursing Asst. Full Time
18 Ward Boys/Ayas 7 7 Smt Rudramma IX std   Full Time
        Smt Ramabai VII std   Full Time
        Smt Rajeshwari SSLC   Full Time
        Smt Bharathi VII std   Full Time
        Smt.Sharanamma SSLC   Full Time
        Smt Sakkubai VII std   Full Time
        Smt Meenakashi VII std   Full Time
19 Store Keeper 1 1 Sri sharanabasappa Dip Comp Sci   Full Time
20 Registration clerk
Telephone Operator
1 1 Smt. Ranjana PUC   Full Time
21 Yoga expert 1 1 Sri Hiralal SSLC   Full Time
22 Physiotherapist 1 1 Dr.Abdul Hakeem BPT   Full Time
23 Dietician (Part Time) 1 1 Smt Bhuvaneshwari B.Sc Nutrition   Part Time
24 Secretarial 1 1 Sri.Shivanand Gudda I/C PUC, (B.Com)   Incharge
25 Accounts staff 1 1 Smt.Jyothi Harsoor M.A   Full Time
26 Lab attender 1 1 Sri Shivanand D SSLC   Full Time
  Dark Room Arrendant 1 1 Sri Basavaraj Patil SSLC   Full Time
27 Cleanlines 1 1 Sri Basavaraj AJ     Full Time
  Laundary     Contact Basis     Full Time
  Hospital Catering     Contact Basis     Full Time
  Gardening Watch &
Ward Duties
    Contact Basis, 3 Watch Man through Manish Manpower
28 Hospital Reception 1 1 Smt Geetanjali M PUC   Full Time
29 Maintenance of Records            
  Out patient Dept Reg 1 1 Smt Lata T SSLC   Full Time
  In patient Dept Reg 1 1 Sri Vijyakumar H Diploma   Full Time
  Medical Records 1 1 Smt Asharani M BA   Full Time
  Account Section 1 1 Sri santoshkumar BA   Full Time
30 Paediatrics Attender 1 1 Smt Nirmala IX std   Full Time