HKE Society's Dr. Maalakaraddy Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Kalaburagi

Affiliated to
Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences,
Karnataka, Bengaluru

Recognized by
Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi


    Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Forensic or legal Medicine:

Deals with the application of Medical knowledge to aid in the Administration of justice & It is used by the legal authorities for the solution of legal problems. Some Ex : Applying the medical knowledge in deciding in cases of injuries, murder, suicide, accident, asphyxia deaths, sexual offenses’ & poisoning etc.


The department has well equipped museum.  Various charts, specimen, food grains of nutritive importance are kept in the museum.  In the demonstration room many health education charts and boards are displayed.

Objectives :

the Students will be able to

1. Prepare medico leagal report of an injured person duo to mechanical voilence.

2. Preserve and dispatch of the exibits in a suspected case of poisoning 

3. Estimate the age of a person for medico legal purpose

4. Examine and drwa opinion from examination of skeletal remains 

5. identify and draw medico legal interance from verious speciman of injuries

6. Identify and describe wepons commonly used and explain their medico legal importance

7. Identify and draw medico legal inferance from common poisons

    a. Demonstration/Identification Example : Poinsons, wepons, Charts, Photograps.

    b. Certificate writing example : Sikness certificate, Physical and Deth Certificate, Postmortam Examination reports


Faculty Details:

Sl.No Photo Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Teaching Experience
1   Dr. Venkatreddy S Balkal M.D (Hom)  Prof. & HOD

26 Years 10 months

2   DR. Revanu C M.D (Hom) 16 Years 8 months

Dr. Santosh S Garampalli

(Guest Faculty)

M.D ( Forensic Medicine) 15 Years 7 months